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Annies career in Photography took off in 1970 when she started work for the Rolling Stone magazine, where in 1973 she became there chief photographer. Annie is famous for intimate photos like the one above of heavily pregnant Demi Moore. Annie was also a featured portrait photographer for the Vanity Fair magazine. Another famous client of annoys was john lennon and yoke ono  she was the last photographer to take photos of john before he was shot dead. Annie is a immensely talented  leading female photographer

Galloping Horses

2. Eadweard Muybridge Galloping Horses(1878)

Eadweard Muybridge, was a pioneer of photography,  along with  his inventions , i.e., Zoopaxiscope, and also his motion studies, and horse galloping studies, he took photography to the next level and paved the way for photographers of today.  The photographsthat have survived , have preserved history an example of this is the photos of San  francisco before the earth quake of 1906, and the photos of theAmerican west, i.e., the Native American wars and the ones of the buffalo.

3. Edward S  Curtis                  

Edward Sheriff  Curtis

was born in 1868 he developed his skills as a photographer  and started his own studies , he was intrigued by the natives in his area and began  photographing them , Edward believed he was seeing the loss of the native American culture so he documented  their culture and journeys across the west photography as the ribes by 1904 he started a series of 20 volumes “the norms  of American Indian “ only 500 copies were published .These books were filled with photos , folk songs religious riles and songs .Edwards  collection of photos of chiefs are the only  ones pressured for posterity of people who otherwise would have been long forgotten.

4. Ernst Hass

Earnest was a Austrian  photographer and artist noted for his innovations in colour photography and also his experiments with abstract  light and form he was a member of magnum photo agency .He worked  at Heute magazine and he is known for his photo essays of prisoners of war coming home to Vienna .He published the photo book elements his most famous photos are the ones out of focus and blurred deliberately to create a strong visual effect  he also used dye transfer .Process on Many of his prints giving a rich saturated colour

5. Henri cartier Bresson

Henri’s work is also legendary he began his career in 1931 he is regarded as one of the greatest photographers of his time and he elevated “snap shooting “ to such a level of refined and discipline and his ability to catch “ the decisive moment “ and his eye for design and his literate comments about the theory and practice of photography made his a legendary figure amongst contemporary photo journalists he has been published in most of the world’s  major media magazines for over 30 years and a pioneer of photography

6.David Hockney

I love David hockney work he was a contemporary photographer also painter draughtsman , stage designer .His photo collage work is iconic and he was an important contributor of pop art movement he is considered to be one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century .His sister Margret is an artist of still life photos

His photo collages and montages all join his work as an affinity with “cubism “his work created a narrative

7. William Klein

William is a photographer , painter and film maker and is accomplished in these three media ,he showed a shine to abstract photography while in Milan .William Klein always provoked a tense reaction to his work , he worked for vogue magazine and has produced over 250 TV commercials for fiat and citron  cars .His talent for capturing photos out of focus  as well as in focus  is what he i re noun for he also shows his true talent when focusing on close up photos .He has taken photos which have been in and out of focus  and also has blurred his negatives  and severely over exposed photos purposely to create a unique style ,he also has used high grain film and wide angles .This lead to shocking the photography world , which has made his unique and one of the best photographers out there , all this because he wanted to break the rules and push the boundaries .

8. cecil beaten

Cecils career as a “society photographer was launched in 1926 with his exhibition in London and lead to an immediate contract with vogue magazine. His style existed due to being inspired by artists such as E.O Hoppe, Edward Steichen and Baron de Mayer .Celcil had a fascination with glamour and high society and this was apparent through his photos and he expressed this theme throughout his career.

He was also a successful stage and costume designer I.e. my fair lady and Gigi .His photos of twiggy and Marylyn Monroe are iconic and remain legendary

9. David Bailey.

David Bailey CBE is a celebrated English photographer, His love of natural history led him to photography, unknown to most he was also dyslexic. He started in the late fifty’s with a cannon rangefinder camera and because of his dyslexia. He found himself not being able to be accepted into the London Collage of Printing .Due to this he choose another route and decided to become a second assistant to David Ollins and John French studio .He became a photographer for vogue magazine in 1960 and managed to capture the entire swinging 60s in the palm of his hand due to his photography skills.

He has taken photos of celebrities like Krays, and more famously even, The Beatles .He is such an iconic figure in the world of photography due to the fact that he paved the way for fashion and portrait photography.

10. Lord Snowdon

He is a Emmy  award winning documentary film maker and has also took photos of the royal family who he is related via his great grandfather who was Punch cartoonist Linley Sambourn (1844-1910) .His great uncle was Alfred Messel a Berlin Architect and his uncle  was oliver Messel ,British set and costume designer and architect .He studied  Architecture and his career was as a fashion designer and theatre photographer .He is the official photographer of the royal family and over 100 of his work has been displayed in the national gallery .Lord Snowdon has done amazing things with cameras spanning over many years .Altogether he successfully  has been published in vogue , vanity fair and the daily telegraph


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