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Paul was a French artist but also an engraver, and illustrator. He was 15 when he had his first illustration published. Paul also had commissions from RABELAIZ, BALZAC and DANTE.

Paul was commissioned to illustrate Lord Byron’s work and also for Edgar Allen Poe’s poems, The Raven.

He worked mostly with steel engraving and woodcarving










William was an illustrator and also an engraver, painter, printmaker, pictorial satirist, social critic, and editorial cartoonist. William has been accredited with being the pioneer of western sequential art, and his political illustrations are famous.

Two of his works are Harlots progress and Rakes progress.











Dave McKean is an illustrator, photographer, comic book artist, graphic designer, filmmaker, and musician. He incorporates drawing, painting, collage, found objects digital art and sculpture in his work. He has done various types of work, graphic novels such as batman, and also covers for comics ARKHAM ASULUM is one of his most well known works and he also illustrated and wrote a book for the legendary band the rolling stones this was called VOODOO LOUNGE.










Jackie is an illustrator and sequential artist whom I admire, she started out as an abstract artist, and then decided to become a children’s book illustrator, her techniques are different from other sequential artists, that I have researched she has spent years studying the human form, and dna, she was fascinated by this her illustrations for children’s books are very abstract.







5. Karen jinks

Karen is a mixed media artist and illustrator she is inspired by poetry or narrative or visually in advertisements, calligraphy Karen is also a graphic designer, she is also mentioned in Saatchi online magazine. You can contact her on face book I have the honor of having her on my friends list.












Helz likes to work with pencils, paints and brushes he adds a lot of detail to his designs but likes to keep them neat and simple, his work can be found on greetings cards, gift wear, and also ROUND THE HOME AND GARDEN. In October18 th- 20th he is exhibiting at brand licensing Europe at the grand hall, Olympia in London.



















Santiago was born in 1906 and was a Columbian painter sculptor art historian and writer and also a muralist he is well known for his water colors, oil painting wood carvings as well as his illustrations













Arthur was an English book illustrator, his first illustrations were published in 1893in ‘to the other side ‘ by Thomas Rhodes.

He invented his own technique, which resembled photographic reproduction. First he would sketch the outline of his drawing then lightly block shapes and details, then he would add lines in pen and Indian ink, removing the pencil traces after it had dried. With colored pictures he would apply multiple washes of colour until transparent tints were created and he also went on to expand the use of silhouette cuts in his illustration work.


















Beatrix potter is a legend every one knows who she is through her children’s books peter rabbit she was an author illustrator and a botanist, and conservationist, her illustrations are very interesting and colorful, some are quite simple while others are very graphic. Her characters such as peter rabbit, squirrel nut kin, Benjamin bunny Mrs. tiggy winkle are legendary










Harry Clark is an Irish illustrator he was born in 1889 he was a stained glass artist as well as an accomplished illustrator.


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