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Alun was a graphic designer who was the most highly regarded of his generation and the most prolific. He founded the design firm  Fletcher/Forbes/Gill. The first book they published in 1963 was “ A Visual Comparison” .

There clients included Pirelli, Cunard, Penguin books, Olivetti, and also a partnership evolved into Pentagram which was formed in 1965.

A book of his designs called “ Beware Wet Paint “,Was  published in 1994, Alun also wrote several books about graphic design and visual thinking, the most notable was “ The Art Of Looking Sideways”, which took him 18 years to finish.



Ken Garlands work has spaned over five decades or more, and he is srill working today, at 85 years old,I had the pleasure to meet him at a lecture at the university of wales newport

He is a remarkable man and a legand in the world of graphics. Hes is a remarkable man he is famouse for his manifesto first things first in 1964  as well as his posters for nuclear  disarmament he is a legand in graphic design  and is also a renound photographer.



Joseph Paxton designed and built The Crystal Palace, to house The Great Exibition of London 1851. Joseph was first and formost a gardener and his designs and layouts for the gardens were amazing he was also a noted architect.



Abraham was a british graphic designer he is one of the best 20 century graphic designers he designed the embelem for the festival of Britain 1951, and he was also an industrial designer and designed the cona vacume coffee maker 1947, and he was also a poster designer.



Agustus welby northmore Pugin was an English designer, architect, theorist, of design, he is best remembered for his work in the gothic revival style especially churches and also the palace of Westminster and the houses of parliament with charles barry.

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6. A. H. McMURDO

Arthur was an English designer and architect, who influenced the arts and craft movement he set up the century guild of artists with Selwyn image  in 1892 he went to the john Ruskin school of drawing the guild was very successful and offered complete furnishing of homes and buildings the artists were incouraged to participate in production as well as design



Gustav was a manufacturer of furniture and a leading figure in the american arts and crafts movement, he was a furniture designer and also a stone mason His designes were exhibited in the Grand Rapids and Pan American Furniture Expositions.



Coco Channell was a fashion designer the most influential of her time, she created an identifiable style, one of her iconic designers is the little black dress. Coco was the top of haute couture this dictated fashion trends her designs were simple practical and so sophisticated at all times.



Erick is a typographer and designer and a graphic designer she founded meta design and started fontshop the first mail order distributor of digital fonts. Erick was one of the signers of the re written first things first manifesto 2000 .



Archibald was a designer his main interest was celtic design he is most widely known  for his work for libertys he is also a graphic designer and painter.



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