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1. Sir Christopher Wren Christopher wren

was one of the most highly acclaimed English architects in history, he was responsible for rebuilding 51 churches in London after the great fire 1666 his master piece was st pauls cathedral as well as being an architect, he was a notable astronomer, geometer and mathermatition-physacist. He founded the Royal Society and also built Hampton court, Kensington Palace.


2.  Ralph Tubbs (1912 – 1996)

Ralph Tubbs was the Architect who designed the dome of discovery, for the festival of Britain, which was to celebrate the centenary of the great exhibition of London. He was educated at the architectural association. Ralph also designed 2-willow road Hampstead London (1935 – 1938)

Y.M.C.A Indian student hostel (1952 – 1953)

The Baden Powell house Kensington (1956 – 1961)

Charring cross Hospital Hammersmith

Granada house Manchester (1960)



3.  CHARLES VOYSEY (1857 – 1941 )

CHARLES FRANCIS ANNESLEY VOSEY was a architect and also a furniture and textile designer his early work was designs for wallpapers and fabrics and furnishings he was a member of the arts and crafts movement, he was also the architect of a number of country houses. Charles was one of the first people to understand and appreciate industrial design, he is said to be one of the pioneers of modern architecture, His architecture draws heavenly on vernacular rather than academic tradition, influenced by the ideas of Hubert Tudor Buckland and Augustus Wellby Northmore Pugin, He was influenced by William Morris and art nouveau.

He was also the master of the art workers guild in 1924; you can see an extensive collection of his work at the Victoria and Albert museum.



William is a world renowned architect, and designer and is well known for his work in sustainability he is a green architect he practices ecologically and socially



Frank was an American architect, interior designer, and writer educator and designed over 1000 projects he promoted organic architecture (example Falling water) and he was the leader of the prairie school movement of architecture and developed the concept of the

Uisonion home (roseenbaum house)



Fredrick was a theatre designer artist, theoretician and architect, he was an Austrian American He was a member of the de stiljl group in 1923, and was friends with many major figures of the advent – guard he has bee said to have been ‘far in advance of his contemporise” although they labelled him an odd ball. He collaborated a lot with the surrealists including Marcel Duchamp, and also wrote 2 lengthy manifestos the articles PSUUDO FUNCTIONALISM in modern architecture he was also the director of the laboratory for design correlation within the department of architecture he also designed Biomorphic furniture.




Charles was a Swiss architect designer, urbanist writer and painter, he is famous for being one of the pioneers of modern architecture, or the international style he was a pioneer in the study of modern high design and was dedicated to providing better living conditions for residents of crowded cities his career spanned over five decades. He took the name LE CORBUSIER from a distant relative.



Erich was a German Jewish architect who was known for his expressional sum architecture and was one of the most prolific modern architects of his time. Erich was considered to be one of British modernisms most important pioneers and won                   the competition for the modern pavilion in the festival of Britain.



Fillipo had the credit for the discovery of the mathematical means of solving the problem of creating space and was greeted by contempory artists of this period which is unified or linear perspective, which used vanishing points to enable the artist to use perspective accurately in their work Phillipos dome is the most famous the way it was built is still a talking point as the bricks curve and nothing is placed to hold them in that position a sight to be seen.



Leonardo was I think the greatest master of all time, he was an incredible man, he was skilled in many fields, he was a scientist, inventor, artist, designer a visionary and his vitrovian man is a popular world icon.



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