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Graphic design is not a recent discipline; it has been in our lives since the caves of Lascaux (caves in southwestern France known for its prehistoric cave paintings) but the term “graphic design” appeared recently. William Addison Dwiggins first used the name “graphic design” in 1922. Graphic design is solving a problem by means of visualization using creativity, technicality and knowledge of art history and previous works by other graphic desig … Read More

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Graphic design is the process of communicating visually using typography and images to present information. Graphic design practice embraces a range of cognitive skills, aesthetics and crafts, including typography, visual arts and page layout. Like other forms of design, graphic design often refers to both the process (designing) by which the communication is created and the products (designs) which are generated. wikipedia … Read More

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Never be afraid to take the same photograph again... As a photographer I’m constantly seeking out new views and subject matters. However, with Edinburgh being my main focus over time it can be difficult to find something new. What this led me to discover is that doing the same shot over and over again isn’t a bad thing. Familiarity with the subject and trying something a little different can often produce a vastly improved or very different shot. This is the scene I’ll use to demonstrate, the class … Read More

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Kirsten & Marie Ok, cuteness personified = Kirsten & Marie. Danish twin girls from Jylland … Sweet little song "My Dear". http://vimeo.com/10822900Read More


1, Sir Christopher Wren.
2, Ralph Tubbs.
3, Charles Voysey.
4, C R Ashbee.
5, Frank Lloyd Wright.
6, Frederick Kliesler.
7, Le Corbsier.
8, Erich Mendelsohn.
9, Fillipo Brunelleschi
10, Leonardo da Vinci.
11, William Mcdonough.

Photographic Review 2010 I've forced myself to short-list six favourite shots from 2010, there were more I could have shared, but for one reason or another, these are six I'm particularly pleased with. Cnip, Lewis, Scotland. Surprisingly, this is the only non digital shot to make the list. Shot with my Mamiya Medium Format camera on Velvia 50. I love how Velvia has rendered the colours here. The Golden Road, Harris, Scotland. Compositionally, this is a bit 'busier' than … Read More

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Le Corbusier's cabanon Would have loved to see the 1:1 reconstruction of Le Corbusier's cabanon when it was built as part of an exhibiton with Cassina in 2009 at RIBA. Le Corbusier designed the little summer holiday home as a birthday gift for his wife Yvonne, located at Cap Martin just down the hills from friend Eileen Gray's villa. Magnificent little piece of micro-architecture. Top image via Blueprint. Other images (+more) here. … Read More