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My manifesto is to promote my practice rational and critical thinking, that is going to aide me through the different stages of my life as a designer.  Through out this I have been required to do a lot of resurch to help me examine the input that I will need to consider as a designer In doing this the conclusion I have come to is The journey I am taking, mine as a designer and the history I will have to understand that it is my responsibility to work in contrast with the iconic elements I have found that will enable me to look at the views of other designers that I have had the privilege to discover on this enlightening journey of knowledge in this my chosen field This has given me the means to analyze what I have learned this will aide me through the creative journey of design that lies ahead of me that has had me thinking of the questions that never occurred to me until I engrossed myself into the fascinating teachings and work of such great designers that have emerged in the last century

This has now allowed me to focus on my ambition as a graphic designer, which I am excited to be embarking on I haven’t left any stone unturned to gain the knowledge that I now have, so I to will become a great designer following in the footsteps of such designers a ken garland whom I had the pleasure of meeting at his lecture at u w Newport. Through this I intend to engage in all aspects of design, theory and practice to enable my self to be critical and analytical and strive to achieve the best that I can . One of the things I now is important to me is partnership as I have found through circumstances that it is a practical thing to have a partner you can work with bounce idea’s off and together you can achieve great things. So I could write this I have read manifestos from the last century the first one that started my train of thought about the role of the design industry and how I as a graphic designer fits in to the bigger picture was the 1964 manifesto first things first by ken garland. The aim of this manifesto was to generate discussion about the graphic design proffesion and  its priorities in design press and schools and in the eyes of the general public, some designers welcomed this debate that the manifesto had started, however others rejected it. The manifesto was signed by those who strongly believed in the issues raised in the manifesto, it was time that designers looked to the future and changed the roll graphics had on life  the signetors  of this manifesto were graphic designers, photographers, students who all agreed that people were wasting their talents in advertising things such as cat food ciggaretts, etc their talents could be put to greater use this kind of advertising didn’t contribute much to national prosperity. The consensus was the general public agreed with the signatories and their talents could have been used for more meaningful ways such as books building and street signs, educational aides, films the list is endless that these talents could have been used for in more talented and artistic way. How ever they didn’t want consumer advertising abolished or taking the fun out of life they just wanted them to change their priorities in favour of the more usefiul and lasting forms of communication, which is what graphic design is.and skills used for as worth while purpose.

This first things first was re-published by the Canadian magazine add busters 35 years later in 2000 they thought that the sentiments that ken garland had made in 1964 were a lot more relevant than they were then. To re write this ken gave his blessing but wouldn’t have a roll in the re writing in turn 35 people signed it this stimulated discussion again in the areas of visualization and communication in education practice. Some of the people who signed this updated version were, Max Brunisum, Ken Garland, Milton Glaser, Steven Heller, Rick poyner Erick Speikermann and Rudy Vanderlans.

Itherefore agree with this manafesto because in this day questions of sustainability has to be addressed, and how it affects society, the moral issues that have been raised such as the advertisements for tobacco products and alcohol are in this day and agre seen as politically correct, as these have been re advertised as being bad for your health. There is also the affect on the enviroment and the issues of global warming that has to be takrn into consideration because it has a major impact on designers one example of this is the affect it has on trees that are being destroyed to make paper this is a major issue.

In my reading and resurching graphic design, theory and theory practice I have questioned what kind of designer I am and want to carry on being and where I fit in to the scheme of things and what my roll is as a designer I have asked myself these questions

1, what is graphic design

2. what is it that insrired me to be a graphic designer

3. what do I hope to achieve

4. do I have the ability

5. what are my views about the financial aspect of  this vocation

6. What are my thoughts and beliefs about the affects on the environment?

After thinking about this for a while I have come to the conclusion that graphic design is an important part of the world communication where would we be without it, I was inspired to be a graphic designer by all the designs that surround me every day every where I go I to want to participate in this form of communication, I hope I will achieve the satisfaction of knowing my work will be here long after I’m gone the financial aspects are an important fact but my responsibilities to the environment and my own morals far out weigh the financial gain that I will have sustainability is the way forward.



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