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Ken garland today!

Ken Garland LECTURE   U. W. NEWPORT January 17th 2011

Kens work  in the late  50s and is renowned for humanistic work, ken is famously the designer for the campaign for nuclear design elements

His manifesto , in 1964 was suggesting that in a time where the amount of graphic design images people were bombarded with — humongous amount of consumer selling , he wanted to reverse this into more Un commercial types of graphics

Ken now is most often working in photography

Visual metaphors

We have been using thee since we were toddlers

We will be looking as slides and film images

The first one will we look at is citizen cane

-we will focus on the opening and closing sequence

We need to arrange a film club!

Orson wells — played as him is dying — his character, he was 25 when he directed this film

He is dying and has a snowflake ball — and repeats the word rosebud

Who or what is rosebud? ….We will see at the end of the lecture!

Ken has a piece of ceramic that looks like a pebble , he likes this and as the student he bought it off has a particular metaphor for it , it is up to you to decided what this is about !

He also shows a black book — another metaphor

We now look at a very first metaphor in the 19th century — the image is of the celestial Hindu man

His body is a bow and the symbol is the starts, he is the human. The moving spirit of the universe, to the Hindus the universe was the humans, we know differently now but back then the man was the entire universe

The next slide is a visual metaphor for corporate identity

There is a picture of Richard the second being crowned, also on the next photo there is the holy mother and child supporting Richard

This king had a symbol/logo, hanging from his neck, also all the angels are wearing this symbol. This is the Walton dipswitch

This is a corporate identity established with full penalty and this is impressive metaphor, however he was no good and got thrown aside — “remember corporate identity does not get you everything “ken

Next we have a slaving ship design blueprint, in 1789 before the parliament there came the Wilbur force committee about the act of slavery

The photo we are seeing now is the slaving ship called gurt?’

These were used to carry ships between the West Indies through and from Africa

A man called Hensley was asked to drawn and engrave the body’s of slaves on the plans for the boat , where there were not enough room for laves adults there would be children .there was only 18 inches for o9ne human to lie , they could not sit up and was only aloud out twice a day

Some died from disease, malnutrition and some were just tossed over bored

There was allowance for 450 bodies, however often more was sneaked on, either whom made it or where thrown overboard

Slavery was not abolished at for a great deal of time ,  colonies went on to 1864

This is a powerful visual metaphor for slavery, it is not purposely it is purely fact, visual messages do not have to be exotic, and they just have to grasp attention

Next week look at napoleons march with the grand army from the border between Poland and Russia , this is the march there and march back , this was done by miner a civil servant , what he did was express the size of the army by the size of the stripe .

The first march towards Moscow was very wide and large , however the march back is very thin and narrow .We can also see the temperature fluctuating , many men died from cold and from starvation , when they got back there were hardly any men left (less than 10 thousand ) napoleon had left due to important duties .

This is a sober and boring diagram, however when we understand what it shows and we are moved by the plight of the men on the journey there and back.

This shows the power of statistical information shown in the most boring of fashions

Now we will see the beer garden sequence from the film cabaret , the hero and his chum have gone to a beer garden when a lad gets up to sing the song, tomorrow belongs to me , it’s a well know German song …..

This song shows the encapsulation of the Nazi movement, it tricks the youths into believing and hoping for something, when some actually terrible turns out to happen. It’s a moving scene.

Another image which was shown as a poster, Hitler gave a backhanded salute-

This was manipulated by an artistic man, it shows hitter giving this hand jester however shows him reaching back for money from the German government * stehen hinter ir “was used, which means millions stand behind me.

He here with this poster reveals to true meaning of hitter and the quote which made him infamous

Keep death off the road, carelessness kills

Poster by little

This is a poster of a mother/window/who seems to be grieving , it’s a powerful image — this was hated as it was too visual and had to be taken down by the government ,it speaks for itself , visually .

Kens favourite poster =

Words spent up from the soil and words appear before the instrument

It is in Spanish, the spirit of labour conscious courage faith and an honest attitude for society for all the people for all humanity begets more love among mankind

This was the early idealistic days of the Cuban revolution — the message is growing out up of the soil — visual metaphors do not have to be pictures precisely, lettering can also leave an impact on a visual.

The most famous poster o the Cuban revolution

Shay gavara

The day of the riot

His aim was to make the revolution in Cuba and make freedom in the countries of South America, the idea of integration his image with the shape of Cuba was influential

Film clip

This film clip is the a quite gruelling one , the opening sequence from don’t look now .it starts in England and goes to Venus , it is a film about the shocking death of a child and the entail sequence sets you in the scene , its without words — accept for one

Nicholas roe – filmmaker – one of his masterpieces.

The red stain on the transport photo matches the red cat on the child

This occurs constantly throughout the film — it’s a must see, and the visual metaphors re extremely powerful


This s a metaphor and kens own work, the child is looking out a window and it is a campaign for nuclear disarms

The photo was the largest printing he has made, and half a million where printed

This poster address a child who every morning witnessed the sun however one morning the little girl, witnessed a bomb, who would have killed her

This image had no initial intrinsic meaning; however the words made it a powerful metaphor

Keep this in mind; images can be used to highlight other issues, not necessarily linked to the actual photo

The photo here was kens daughter.

The next photo is in Washington, lots of people went to Lincoln memorial and marched across to the pentagon, which houses the American military, the protestors showered flowers down the barrels of the rivals — this is a great metaphor for jesters of peace

The next slide is Vietnam, there was a massacre conducted by left tenant and his platoon, who marched into a village in Vietnam in 1970, he had instructions to subdue to Vietcong, the anti American vietnameses army. They did not find the army, so they killed everyone, children too

This picture is extremely visual, the words on the photo say *and babies? And babies “

Mark himovich — photographer sneaked this photo

The next imagery is about the polish, it’s a visual metaphor of a tank crushing the polish flag, this demonstrates when the tanks rolled in however the words solivach? Showed to be bigger than the tank, just like his movement

Film clips

Top gun

The metaphor here  are  tumbling over each other , there’s the phallic motorcycle and the car , then there also the plane shaped note ,left , finally there is the “need for speed “ at the end , — which say many a think .

Next one is the barn sequence from witness….

This is an Amish community to witch Harrison ford has fled to

This shows how people used to help each other, from farm to farm working hard and helping one another, there was a form of collaboration for the Amish community, and this visual clip expresses this.

Returning  back to the pebble!

This represents the black faces of the black people trying to escape the white large pebble

The town

This was a cattle raid that took place in Ireland

Drowning by lewi labouki

These are evocative images

The middle spread is a battle there is no specific drawing of anything

American comedian magazine

Smoking causes impotence = speak for itself!

Stars and bars

A picture by David gentleman, it is the stars and stripes flag however the UK is in place of the 51st state

The next photo is the hinge

This is on a barn in alerter, this represents kens family

Back to rosebud!

Rosebud was a sleigh, this was from the man’s childhood, it was burned at the end, this whole film was about citizen cane, and basically what it was all about was his deprived childhood, the no trespassing did all about him not want people to know.

Orson week also had a deprived childhood — a powerful metaphor to finish with


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