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Beautiful Lettering (via Cappuccino Chit-Chat)

i thought this blog was very interesting

I spent the last few minutes just now being completely mesmerized by the below video. I can’t get over how deliberate and perfect his brush strokes are. Wowness. http://vimeo.com/12733075Read More

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ken garland graphic designer

I cant wait untill monday to go to uni, ken garland is coming to give us a lecture, i am absolutly extatic, ken is a legand and i have read his manifestos and i have resurched his work, this is going to be an insperational journey into the world of graphic design led by the master himself , what an honour and a priviledge it is going to be, i will post my notes on the blog.

Ken Garland Lecture (via An Illustrator’s Blog)

Ken Garland Lecture Ken Garland gave a keynote lecture as part of the Cardiff School of Art and Design and the Arts University College Bournemouth joint research symposium. All I can say is that having been in graphic design for over twenty years this was one of the first times I heard a graphic designer speaking about clients and his approach to the work in such an open and honest way. I don't think there was anything he said that I didn't agree with. Here are the … Read More

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First Things First (via ‘Success is a journey, not a destination…’)

Today we had a lecture on the ‘First Things First Manifesto’ (1964) by Ken Garland. This was based on the social responsibility of Graphic Design. Garland believed that designers should further their Graphic Design by involving opinions and complex ideas about the world, rather than just pointless consumerism. “The designer as a designer has a responsibility for the social ramifications of the effect of an advertisement promotion”. This could inv … Read More

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Manifesto Lounge (via ROUNDABOUT)

Manifesto Lounge The Analysis (see full analysis): We have chosen 12 manifestos (and some alternates) to incorporate for this project: They are: (1909) The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism, F.T. Marinetti // (1921) DADA, Tristan Tzara // (1919) Bauhaus Manifesto, Walter Gropius // (1923) The New Typography, László Moholy-Nagy // (1961) Grid Systems in Graphic Design, Joseph Muller-Brockmann // (1964) First Things First, Ken Garland // (1987) Ten Rules of Good D … Read More


your design manifesto (via Communication Design 2)

A manifesto is a short document that “manifests” or makes public a set of ideas and goals. A manifesto is passionate, personal and vivid. Generally, the declaration sets a goal of betterment. Research the following examples of well-known graphic design manifestos: First Things First Manifesto, 2000 (here is the text of the manifesto) Personal Manifestos of Individual Designers: Stefan Sagmeister John Maeda Allan Chochinov Your manifesto should be … Read More

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What is Graphic Design? (via aslı.)

Graphic design is not a recent discipline; it has been in our lives since the caves of Lascaux (caves in southwestern France known for its prehistoric cave paintings) but the term “graphic design” appeared recently. William Addison Dwiggins first used the name “graphic design” in 1922. Graphic design is solving a problem by means of visualization using creativity, technicality and knowledge of art history and previous works by other graphic desig … Read More

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